Welcome to Swillburg!

Swillburg_logoWelcome to the Swillburg Neighborhood! We are a small, vibrant, close-knit community of city neighbors who enjoy all that Rochester, NY has to offer.

Swillburg residents take pride in our historic homes, community gardens, and neighborhood events. We love our local businesses and take advantage of our proximity to Rochester’s numerous cultural and natural resources.

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2014 Membership Form

Happy Summer, Swillburgers!

We have updated the membership form for 2014 (download the Swillburg membership form 2014 right here) and you can donate to the neighborhood’s coffers with as little as $5.

All funds go to making Swillburg a better, more beautiful place to live and work. The few of us keeping the association going are all volunteers, so your dues will go directly back into our awesome neighborhood.

If you would like to organize a membership drive or volunteer in another way, please step forward. Many hands makes light work, as the phrase goes…

At the moment, we are not creating a newsletter due to costs and the high availability of our Facebook page and Nextdoor.com forum. Please discuss news and events with your neighbors that aren’t using the web. Thanks!

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Check out Swillburg’s gardens!

We’ve just updated our main site with pictures and detailed information about our many community green spaces here in Swillburg. Hold your mouse cursor over “Gardens/Parks” in the menu screen at the top of this page to find out more.

Hope you have fun exploring the site, and hope to see you at one of our gardens!


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Summer Events

This coming weekend, many neighbors are having individual Garage Sales from 9-3 (May 31 & June 1)! Feel free to have your own sale or just walk the neighborhood looking for some good deals.

Coming up in two weeks, we are having our Annual Swillburg Neighborhood Potluck meet & greet in Otto Henderberg Park, right in the middle of our neighborhood. Please bring a dish to pass or help setup/cleanup. There will be membership information as well as Swillburg merchandise for sale during the party. Sunday, June 8th from 2-5 PM!


2014 Swillburg Flyer can be downloaded and shared right here.

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A wonderfully successful Day of Caring

We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather and a better group of volunteers.

Employees of Kodak and Kodak Alaris helped stain the palisade fence in Otto Henderberg Park…


…beautify our Bloom Garden…


…and beautify our neighborhood. Thanks to the United Way, JoAnn for coordinating, our great volunteers, and our generous donations from Home Depot and our neighborhood Salvatore’s. The park looks beautiful with the tulips in bloom, don’t you think?


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United Way Day of Caring: THIS Thursday, May 8.


This Thursday at 9:30am in Otto Henderberg Park (off Field St. between Avon and Sycamore), Swillburg neighbors and employees from Kodak Alaris will team up to beautify our park: we’ll be staining, painting, repairing, and raking.

Won’t you join us? We can always use a few extra hands (and rollers, and trays).

RSVP and get more details at swillburg.nextdoor.com.

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The Theater Around the Block


Through thick and thin, our beloved Cinema Theater on the corner of Clinton and Goodman has kept its lights on.

More than a place to catch a film, it’s been a place to gather, to reconnect, to laugh. More than a few engagement rings have been hidden in the bottoms of popcorn bags. More than a few tears were shed when Princess the Cat passed away.

We couldn’t imagine a Swillburg without a Cinema. Even if we could, we wouldn’t want to.

Here’s JoAnn Morreale, hamming it up on her way to change titles back in 1985. JoAnn, a public school teacher, rescued the Cinema from disrepair and lovingly nurtured it for three decades. John Trickey, the Cinema’s new owner, continues that tradition.

Happy 100 years, Cinema Theater!

Help the Cinema: Donate to it’s campaign to raise funds for the mandatory upgrade to digital at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-cinema-theater-goes-digital–4

For more great Cinema Theater history, check out: http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/2014/03/14/dispatch-from-another-35mm-outpost-with-cats/

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Mark your calendars!

Upcoming dates to remember (don’t worry, we’ll remind you when we get closer):
1. Sat, May 3: City of Rochester 2014 Clean Sweep
2. Thurs, May 8: United Way Day of Caring
3. Sun, June 8: Swillburg Neighborhood Annual Potluck

As always, details are on Nextdoor.com. We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to getting OUTSIDE!

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