Pittsford Farms Dairy Delivery Menu for 6/8/20

Hello neighbors,
This week’s Pittsford Farms Dairy delivery menu for 6/8/20. New items this week- Dairy-free Ice cream, Bozza’s Pasta, and the Piggery lunch meats.

Swillburg and South Wedge curbside pick up Wed. at noon at Otto Henderberg Park.
Orders must be placed by Tues. at 8 am for the above neighborhoods.
Prices are not marked up and delivery is free. Tips are appreciated.

Week of 6/8/20Milk skim, 2%, or whole, $5.25 Gallon or $3 for half gallon
Chocolate milk, 1/2 half gallon $4.501/2 and 1/2, Pint $2, Heavy cream, Pint $3.50
Large brown eggs from Fisher Hill Farms, Dozen $4 (pasture-raised, no antibiotics)
Upstate Farms Butter, 1 lb.
$3.50Bozzas Homemade Ravioli 12 oz. – Caprese $7.75, artichoke and provolone $7.25, ricotta $5.75
Guglielmo’s Sauce, Sunday Sauce, Spicy Veggie, or Rosa, $6.50
Craigs Creamery Cheese all varieties $4.50 shredded mozz, brick cheddar
Ithaca Milk cream top yogurt, lg. Plain, Maple or Vanilla, $5.50
Natalie’s handcrafted OJ $8.50 1/2 Gallon
The Piggery Deli Meats- $5.75 Ham, $6.65 Smoke Turkey
PFD fresh-baked Salty Bread $5.50, Bakery St. Bakery Classic Pan Loaf $3.75, Baker St. Sourdough $5.50
Croissants- 2 plain $5.50, 2 almond $7
Frosted Cinnamon Rolls- 2 $6.50
Quiche 12 inch, serves 4-6 Ham & Swiss, Sausage, Peppers & Onions, and Tomato, Feta & Basil. $16.50
Pie (crumb crust or reg.) – $15.95 Apple, cherry or pecan

Ice Cream Quart $9
FLAVORS: (to keep it manageable we are limiting flavors but will rotate weekly) Fluffernutter (pb ice cream with pb cookies and marshmallow swirl), Snapdragon (sweet cream ice cream with caramel and pieces of ginger snap cookies), salty chocolate, cookies and cream, coffee toffee, vanilla, rasp cheesecake, and non dairy mint oreo.
HOW TO ORDER:South Wedge and Swillburg curbside pick up is Wed. at noon at Otto Henderberg Park. Cobbs Hill, Highland Park, Brighton,

Place your order by email to: PFD@rochesteralist.com (please include your town/neighborhood when ordering).Include your name, address and any delivery drop requests (if you want us to drop bags vs. ring your front door). $20 min. order. Payment will be venmo @Amy-Riposo or cash in an envelope. Prices are not marked up and delivery is free. Tips are appreciated. We’ll reply to confirm your order total and the delivery time. When you place your order, please include your town/neighborhood.

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