The Theater Around the Block


Through thick and thin, our beloved Cinema Theater on the corner of Clinton and Goodman has kept its lights on.

More than a place to catch a film, it’s been a place to gather, to reconnect, to laugh. More than a few engagement rings have been hidden in the bottoms of popcorn bags. More than a few tears were shed when Princess the Cat passed away.

We couldn’t imagine a Swillburg without a Cinema. Even if we could, we wouldn’t want to.

Here’s JoAnn Morreale, hamming it up on her way to change titles back in 1985. JoAnn, a public school teacher, rescued the Cinema from disrepair and lovingly nurtured it for three decades. John Trickey, the Cinema’s new owner, continues that tradition.

Happy 100 years, Cinema Theater!

Help the Cinema: Donate to it’s campaign to raise funds for the mandatory upgrade to digital at–4

For more great Cinema Theater history, check out:


Mark your calendars!

Upcoming dates to remember (don’t worry, we’ll remind you when we get closer):
1. Sat, May 3: City of Rochester 2014 Clean Sweep
2. Thurs, May 8: United Way Day of Caring
3. Sun, June 8: Swillburg Neighborhood Annual Potluck

As always, details are on We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to getting OUTSIDE!

Cinema Theater Fundraising Campaign

ImageOur beloved Cinema Theater at the corner of South Clinton and Goodman is currently seeking funds to perform the mandatory upgrade to digital. They are asking the public to help offset this $70,000 undertaking. You can contribute any amount from $1 up, but they are offering the following perks:

A $20 donation gets you a movie pass and a popcorn
A $75 donation gets you 10 movie passes, a drink, and a popcorn.

Even with the donation, these prices are STILL lower than the multiplexes. Let’s ensure that this venerable institution continues to thrive in our community.

Click here to donate!